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Media365, a new way to communicate

With this new video tool, companies can publish, share, and discover all kinds of interactive content in the cloud, any time and at a low cost.

Ctrl365, a multinational company that operates as a think tank for design, communication, and technology, is pleased to announce the development of Media365, a new video portal that runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Media365 enables users to have their own video channels for efficient, quick, and easy dissemination of content.
Social media, email, and press notices are important communication’s tools for companies, and now, next-generation videos are increasingly the most powerful and attractive media to inform. Media365 is a video channel hosted in the ‘cloud’ that enables you to publish, share, and discover all kinds of interactive content.
“As opposed to public portal videos, Media365 makes it possible for companies to administer a platform of their own videos in real time through an agile and automatic rendering process that works on any device. Media365 gives companies greater brand value by enabling them to use their own brand’s look and feel,” said Erik Dziubak, Software & IT Director, in Ctrl365.
Media365 offers the choice of two licensing plans, Professional and Enterprise, where the key differences are storage capacity, the number of channels, and the ability to make live broadcasts.
Using Media365 to upload videos is very simple – just drag and drop files on the web interface, and write a title and description. Tracking and channel research are carried out through an interactive Internet search engine which enables discovery of content hosted in the cloud quickly and efficiently. For added security, administrators can give different permissions to different users to manage the information.
Media365 is useful for training sessions, webinars, IT support auto-service, and co-branding actions. Use it to transmit live events, new employee greetings, messages from senior management, and video blogs. Creating exclusive video libraries with Media365 is easy, too.
Since Media365 runs on Microsoft Azure, users can store videos centrally in the cloud, reducing cost and alleviating the need for large investments in IT infrastructure. Media365 uses Azure Active Directory which authenticates users who sign in using their primary business accounts via their company domain-connected devices.
For more inform, visit Ctrl365.

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